How To: AMD vs. Intel processors - How to pick your ideal PC.

AMD vs. Intel processors - How to pick your ideal PC.

AMD vs. Intel processors - How to pick your ideal PC.

    Okay figuring out what computer you want is one step, but figuring it out what it's used for could save you money and achieve you much better performance. Every dollar saved could be used for something else in that computer to make it last longer, stronger, faster and better in general.

    For standard every-day e-mailing and internet browsing, of course both does the job perfectly. Even netbooks, which are typically small, run on low power, and have small screens do the job just fine with their weaker processors.

    What distinguishes AMD and Intel is mostly your preference: Are you going to play games on your PC? Are you going to edit large videos? Are you trying to get more performance with money for the buck?

In quick biased summary: AMD is much cheaper and does provide more available cores for the money for multi-tasking processing. Their recent socket motherboards are cheaper, so hence your PC is cheaper.

Intel has higher standard motherboards and the price of the motherboards are a bit more pricier for the new i3, i5, and i7 series.

The gap between the two motherboards is very important as to why AMD is more of a budget system as compared to Intel builds being more pricier. Right now, a 4-core AMD can be found at a price of a 2-core Intel! The performance of multitasking on the 4-core is better, but the gaming superiority of a 2-core Intel is better.

The Bottom Line:

AMD for budget (low-costing) machines are more sufficient for your money for smaller editing, and games. If you do not plan on using the system for much heavier loads like CAD, you will be more than satisfied with AMD and your wallet.

Intel is much superior in their processing right now. If you need heavier workload, do consider picking up a Intel-based system.


  • When building a gaming PC, don't forget to consider a great graphics card. When considering your graphics card, do research and check whether or not if you need a better monitor for higher resolutions. You do not want to have such a beast computer that plays on low resolutions! It'd put that computer to shame ;).

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