How To: get views on WonderHowTo

get views on WonderHowTo

How to get views on WonderHowTo:

Step 1 Find a large audience

    Selecting a audience is very important. Finding a large audience will provide more view counts as opposed to a small one. For example, this article is targeting all those that are interested in getting a head start on their page or articles.

    Audiences come in groups: gender, age, cultures and much more groups. Find the groups that has the most audience to the best of your interest and start from there.

Step 2 Do what you love to do

    Creating articles or videos, or what it be - do what is the best of interest for you. This promotes consistency on all your posts. It also provides a incentive to not quit. Your posts will become more polished!

Step 3 Add variance to your posts

    Do you recall that people said that 50 people came up with your idea before you? Well that's most likely true. Don't give up just yet! Don't hinder your ability just because other people thought of it before you! Adding variance and style - a personal uniqueness is a great touch to your videos or articles.

Step 4 Try these suggestions

    Go for a more down-to-earth approach. Most viewers will not look for an instructable that's nearly impossible for them to complete or start on.

    Look at other high-viewed blogs. Try their approach, but don't forget to add variance to your posts. They each have their own uniqueness.

    Don't make your page flashy. Think back to MySpace and compare it to Facebook. Facebook took the gold because of it's much more sophisticated pages, which actually is more simpler.

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